What can I see in the view ‘Where Are You?’?

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A bit of help about MapApp

What can I see in the view ‘Where Are You?’?

In ‘Where are you?’ view you see the Pins that have been shared with you in the last 6 hours.
You can access this view when a contact sends you a notice telling you his position.

Is it free to use MapApp?

Yes. MapApp Geosharing uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing. Sharing locations poses no extra cost.

Is it free sharing Pins with contacts in other countries?

Yes, you can share locations with contacts in other countries totally free.

Are there any restrictions on use?

Currently MapApp Geosharing is completely free and there are no restrictions on its use. Share as many locations as you want with your contacts, and encourage your friends to use it. You’ll soon discover how useful the application is and the amount of needs that solves.

What devices are supported?

Currently only iPhone OS 5.0 or later versions are supported. We are sorry but previous iPhone versions, iPod or iPad, and other platforms are not supported at this time. We are working to include these versions and these other devices in the not too distant future.

Why do you ask for my phone number?

We ask for your phone number because that’s how Geosharing MapApp identifies the source of your locations and allows identification of your identity to the contacts that have your number in the phonebook. We value your privacy and we have not sold, do not sell or will ever sell personal information to anyone.