No login <br />or logout required

How to use MapApp

Advantages of MapApp over other apps

No login
or logout required

Don’t register or log in. We are a utility, not a social network. With push notifications, you’re always connected. The application will never monitor your position.

No risk of loss of privacy

MapApp will only share your location when you want it to. The application will never monitor your position.

Where are you?

A map view on which you can locate your friends exactly. You will see all those Pins that have been shared with you in the last 6 hours.

The Time Machine

An innovative way to look at a map that takes ‘time’ into account as a variable. You will see all the Pins that have been shared with you, and contextualize them in time. Let’s bring a new dimension to the map!

Forget Usernames

MapApp works with your phone number, just as a native application would, and is seamlessly integrated into your phone’s current directory.

Create a Pin and mark your current location

Create a map of interesting places. You can keep your Pins private or share them with your contacts. Use notifications to communicate your location in real time.

You don’t need to add friends

Your phonebook is used to connect with your contacts. You can also share Pins with contacts that don’t yet have the application – they will see the Pins when they download MapApp.


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