Why use MapApp ?

Our goal is to provide for all your geosharing needs

Notifications to communicate your location in real time



If you meet your friends at a demonstration, or on the beach, or in a busy place, and you want to show them exactly where you are.



Use it to say that you’re in a particular area, but without sending an SMS to everyone.

SAVE LOCATIONS: My house, my work, my favorite part of the city … places where you are often together with other people, and which you may want to share with someone at a later date.

REMEMBER PLACES: You’ve been touring around and you’d like to remember a specific place to return to in the future.

BE GUIDED: You are touring around and you want to know if you have a friend who has been to that place before.

LEAVE PINS ON MAPS OF YOUR CONTACTS: Tell them places you recommend. Pins can be kept on their maps so they are always available.

OR SIMPLY: Have you ever left your car in a large parking lot and then had trouble finding it?


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