Why use MapApp ?

Our goal is to provide for all your geosharing needs

Use MapApp to save locations and remember places



My house, my work, my favorite part of the city, places where you are often together with other people, and which you may want to share with someone at a later date.



You’ve been touring around and you’d like to remember a specific place to return to in the future.

BE GUIDED: You are touring around and you want to know if you have a friend who has been to that place before.

LEAVE PINS ON MAPS OF YOUR CONTACTS: Tell them places you recommend. Pins can be kept on their maps so they are always available.

HELP LOCATE YOURSELF: If you meet your friends at a demonstration, or on the beach, or in a busy place, and you want to show them exactly where you are.

INDICATE WHERE YOU ARE, BUT QUIETLY: Use it to say that you’re in a particular area, but without sending an SMS to everyone.

OR SIMPLY: Have you ever left your car in a large parking lot and then had trouble finding it?


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